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Farewell, CDFGrid

testing yet again...


This shows the jobs that have run on CDFGrid
over the past 24 months. As many as 5,000
jobs could run at the same time. The level
sustained over the last 12 months is
anticipated to continue on FermiGrid.
Image courtesy of Costas Vellidis, PPD

Costas Vellidis, CDF co-spokesperson

For more than a decade, CDFGrid was a cornerstone of the Tevatron physics program, serving as the main computing resource for the CDF experiment. Recently the CDF data preservation team, in collaboration with Scientific Computing Division personnel, migrated their analysis efforts to Fermilab's general-purpose grid cluster, GPGrid, taking over the tasks of the experiment-specific CDFGrid. Thus on March 1, CDFGrid was retired after a long, noteworthy run.

CDFGrid was the main computing facility for all of the major results of CDF in the last 10 years and had huge impacts in the field of particle physics. These include the measurements of the W boson mass and the top quark mass with the highest precision in the world; the first observation of single-top quark production, in collaboration with the concurrent DZero experiment; the first evidence for the Higgs boson in a decay channel involving fermions, also in collaboration with DZero; and the first observation of matter-antimatter oscillations in heavy quark flavor.


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Updated Dec. 5, 2016

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